Ocean Flower II heading to POS?

The ship was tracked to Curacao yesterday having left Colon, Panama on Sunday and mooring on the Dutch island yesterday.

“I can only assume it is en route to Port of Spain,” Cadiz said.

“Other than that there is not reason for it to be heading east.” Cadiz said he assumed “that she went into Curacao to refuel because she does not have that amount of fuel capacity to make these long runs.” Otherwise, the ship, he said, could have stayed in Panama until the owners decide what they will do with it.

The ship, he said, travelled from Panama at about 14 knots an hour even though it has a capacity to travel at 35 knots an hour.

He said the charter party agreement protects the charterer and the owners of the boat and provides for a late clause and a non-delivery clause.


"Ocean Flower II heading to POS?"

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