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Saturday 24 March 2018

PoS, no-fly zone for drones today

AS the country celebrates its 55th Independence anniversary today, the Ministry of National Security is reminding the public that Port of Spain has been designated a nofly zone for the use of drones (unmanned aircraft systems).

A ministry release said the reminder is in keeping with the Civil Aviation Act and the Civil Aviation Authority Regulations.

The public is reminded drones should not be operated in any open air function or over any mass public gathering.

They should not be flown at a height greater than 121 metres or 400 feet above the ground. They should not be operated in a manner that may endanger people or property.

They should also not be operated within five kilometres from any manned aircraft operations including the boundaries of the Piarco and the ANR Robinson international airports.

Asking the public to desist from operating drones in the Port of Spain area and other designated areas, the ministry referred to the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority website: https://caa.gov.tt/ unmanned-aircraftsystems- uas-drones/ which has listed the areas where drones should not be flown


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