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Thursday 22 March 2018

Wife: Cuffie is progressing

MINISTER of Public Administration and Communications Maxie Cuffie remains in hospital but doctors are happy with how he is progressing, his wife Hermia Tyson- Cuffie told Newsday yesterday.

She thanked members of the public for their ardent prayers and their text messages of well-wishes for Cuffie’s recovery.

Tyson-Cuffie did not give details of Cuffie’s “medical episode” that occurred on Tuesday, as reported by the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), but she told Newsday that he had a strong heart.

She said little had changed since Wednesday’s statement by the OPM, saying, “That remains the state of play. He is doing a lot of work that they are comfortable with. The hospital remains happy with how he is progressing, and I get a lot of joy from that.” Tyson-Cuffie asked for people to keep praying and said text messages to her and her husband had been very encouraging.

“I realise my husband is wellloved.” Pressed for more details on the nature of the minister’s “medical episode” and whether it was heart-related, Tyson-Cuffie replied, “The Minister’s heart is in good condition. We encourage people to take care of their health.” Tyso-Cuffie said her husband lived a very healthy lifestyle which included walking six days a week and a diet of no meat nor alcohol.

Tyson-Cuffie blamed the episode on just “the luck of the draw.” “He is someone who walks a lot and eats right and that kind of thing. That’s the luck of the draw,” She said. “He doesn’t drink, doesn’t eat meat, doesn’t eat fish. He’s a vegetarian.

“He exercises six out of seven days, and is very, very moderate in his eating. He’s a very, very careful person. “Sometimes it’s the luck of the draw.”


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