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Thursday 22 March 2018

Woman presents attorney with ring, bleeding wrist

THE woman who is suing her former boyfriend for breach of promise to marry her, yesterday visited her attorney in San Fernando and presented to him the engagement ring she bought him, an engagement invitation card and photos of her slashed wrist.

The items and the bloody photo are to be exhibited in a lawsuit San Fernando attorney Stephen Boodram intends to file next week, against a Penal man for the breach and for damages for breaking off their planned engagement which had been fixed for April 29. The case against Nicholas Taransingh of Penal, calling on him to pay damages for breach of promise to marry, shot into the limelight on Thursday when attorney Boodram decided to challenge the boyfriend’s failing to show up for the engagement which resulted in the family having to turn away 200 invited guests.

The threat to file the novel lawsuit for breach of promise to marry, the last of which was adjudicated upon in the High Court in 1978 in which retired judge Monica Barnes delivered a ruling, has evoked an outpouring of support for the former would-be bride on social media.

Upon publication of the story on Thursday, Facebook was rife with comments in which the story received 284 likes from people as far away as France; 358 comments and it was shared 480 times by people from various parts of the Caribbean.

Yesterday, Boodram confirmed that he received from the woman, who also consented to speak with Newsday, but anonymously, photos of the injury she inflicted on herself on the night of the engagement.

She also presented to him the ring and a receipt for $5,000, as well as the engagement card which listed the names of 200 guests to witness the April 29 engagement.


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