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Thursday 22 February 2018

Grow back your bald spot and hairline

The first time I found a bald spot in my head I was devastated.

All I could do at that moment was call my mother and cry. But after I had a good cry about my hair loss, I set about to discover the culprit and how to remedy my loss. That hair loss occurred in 2015 and the tips below helped me to re-grow that bald spot and avoid developing any more bald spots to date.

There are many different reasons that women experience thinning and balding hair. It could be genetic, as in female pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. Follicles that vary in size often characterise genetic hair loss. The hair will grow back thinner and thinner each time it is shed until it does not grow back at all.

Another reason for hair loss can be as a result of a hormonal condition like menopause or post-partum hair shedding, or medical conditions like illness, surgery or side effects of medicines. However, the most common reasons for thinning hairlines and bald spots are physical stress and mechanical damage.

Wearing your hair in a sleek ponytail every day is undoubtedly an easy way to look polished and well puttogether.

Yet, this easy go-to style can be doing more harm than good. Excessively brushing back the hair on the hairline and continuous tension from ponytails can cause your edges to thin out and bald spots can develop. The use of hairsprays and gels can cause buildup and excessive drying, combing or brushing your hair in this condition can cause damage along the hair shaft, split ends all leading to breakage.

To avoid thinning on the hairline, avoid unnecessarily brushing and handling your hair. Always rinse any gel or hairspray from the hairline before going to bed. Gently massage some oil (castor, coconut, jojoba, almond, etc.) into your hairline every night. Rinsing any gel or hairspray from your edges reduces buildup and prepares your hair and scalp for the oil. Massaging your damp hair with oil allows moisture to penetrate the hair. The massage also increases blood flow to the follicle resulting in a boost of oxygen, stimulating hair growth.

It may be difficult to avoid excessively using ponytails as a style, so it’s best to switch it up and not always put your pony in the same spot. This will reduce the likelihood of balding and damage to the follicle that is caused by tension repeatedly in one spot. After wearing a ponytail, it is good to gently spritz the area with water and then massage just a little oil right where the ponytail was located. Again, the massage stimulates blood flow to the area.

Tea tree oil, ginger juice and onion juice are great when used in a (weekly) hot oil treatment. You can add any one, or a combination of these ingredients to your hot oil treatment and they will produce a warming effect on the scalp that effectively stimulates the scalp and promotes increased blood flow to the area. Finally, a balanced diet, adequate water intake and using a good multivitamin with biotin and folic acid will assist your hair internally to recover from setbacks such as hairline thinning and bald spots.


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