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Thursday 22 February 2018

He still has no Hart

If you been busy minding yo’ own business you may have missed this one.

Kevin Hart released an IG video last weekend apologising to his pregnant wife (of barely a year), also known as his “rib” (as he calls her) for putting himself in situations where “bad” things have happened.

Now quick recap, this is Mrs Hart number two, who glowed up big time when she went from mistress to missus. Anyway back to the tea… so why did Kevin Hart just jump out himself to confess to the world of his mistakes? Was it because he was finally ready to do the right thing, come clean and change his cheating ways? If you thought yes! Yes, he wanted to finally be a big man (pretty hard for a short man). Nope sorry, you would be dead wrong! Homeboy was being blackmailed by one of his sidepieces, who videotaped them doing the nasty. Pretty much he take in front. Homeboy didn’t wanna jump out none of his coins and he was not about to be blackmailed! Now Twitter is having a field day dragging his new wife to hell and back, and you know what? I’m not really sure I feel much (read any) sympathy for her to be honest. I mean yes she’s very, very pregnant but I guess as long as she stays off the Internet she go be ok, right? Loads of comments of “how you get them is how you lose them”, “if he will do it with you, he will do it to you”, “a cheater is always a cheater” and my favourite “when you move from side chick to main chick, there’s now a vacancy for the side chick.”

Mel: Sigh. We need to give up on monogamy.

Kimba: Sorry. New wifey need to take several seats, she did the same thing.

Mel: New wifey needs to relax, you know ya man, cool it. Kevin needs to not overdo though, respect your wife, bat in secrecy! There is a right way to do a wrong thing!

Staci: So question this week, is a cheater always a cheater?

Kimba: I ain’t gonna say people change but I will say... they get tired!

Mel: Tired is right, the horning game ain’t easy, it takes great skill to navigate that life.

Staci: I’m sure child support and alimony is probably not what she had in mind when she got him to leave his first wife and marry her. But is a cheater always a cheater though? Do you believe a serial cheater can change, settle down and be faithful to just one person?

Mel: I’d say yes, especially if it’s two cheaters coming together…

Kimba: The video is also pretty damning it seems.

Staci: But on a real note, people have to WANT to change! Just like love is a choice, horning is also a choice. Horning is soooo much work but I guess with the levels of success and money men like Kevin Hart have, that makes it that much easier right? Or is it that much harder because these groupies out here feel they could blackmail his stoopid behind. But what surprised me is how no one has sympathy for Eniko (preggers 2nd wife). The internet has renamed her Echo, Ensure, Eskimo, Echinacea, Enchiladas, Etcetera basically anything with a capital E…I mean come on ladies, why don’t we feel any empathy for her? After all Papa Smurf cheated on her on her birthday weekend, jeez, Kevin is Hartless!

Mel: What she really expected? So ok, she expected him to change but don’t be hurt when he doesn’t, especially when she been mouthing off on social media about the first wife.

Tats: I think the reason Twitter is going in so hard on her is the fact that she didn’t care about wife number one and was rubbing her “married bliss” in her face. I’m sure wife number one sipping some liquor laced tea all side-eyed like “It good for she.”

Excerpt from MediaTakeOut: When Torrei Hart cried on TV about Kevin cheating on her with Eskimo, Eskimo posted on IG “this too shall pass”. I guess she thought she was exempt to Karma! I wonder what biblical quotes she has for her current situation? Didn’t she say Torrei was lying and playing victim about a week ago? I wonder if she still feels that way? *Side Note: This was some of the best Karma ever!

Ronz: I think men are capable of change and just because you started as an outside person doesn’t always mean you would end up on the receiving end of a horn. I think it all depends on the circumstances and what the people want out of the new relationship.

That said, I think that’s usually the exception and often relationships that start with one person being the side piece usually end with the same issues that existed the first time around. It’s easy not to feel bad for said Rib because she was de outside woman and we always want to villainise that person whether she deserves it fully or not. I not sure I feel bad for her either though, cause she knows the man she married and even if she wanted to believe that he had changed and the circumstances of his previous marriage are not currently present, he IS a still a man, a celebrity, and a previous cheater. So shock and dismay shouldn’t be her go to responses. Disappointment and sadness sure but definitely not surprise.

Nics: “Hard head makes for a soft behind”, “If ya cyah hear you will feel.” Some people just don’t want to see or hear the warnings. I tried to warn my so-called replacement. My time for that pass it’s her time now.

Reyann: What made me revel in current wifey demise is (gag) just like two weeks ago she replied to a comment on IG talking bout she take de first wife place because their marriage was already broken blah blah blah. I feel zero sympathy for women like her. Well not all of them, just for de home wrecking kind #shedidntknowsheplace

Tracy: I said the exact same thing, once a cheater, always a cheater. If you can’t be faithful no problem, just don’t go marrying and impregnating people girl chirren.

Arie: Exactly! If she had just kept her mouth shut, maybe just maybe I could find a morsel of sympathy for her because yuh know what? Stuff happens and sometimes relationships don’t work.

People cheat for different reasons and don’t nobody know what goes down in big people bedroom. But like Eniko never hear the saying “what miss yuh doh pass yuh”.

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