A chocolate lesson by Chef Bart

Thursday, July 21 2011

On the heels of the Cocoa and Coffee Industry Board (CCIB) Bonus Cheque distribution on July 8, Delft Cocoa Plantations hosted a chocolate making workshop at the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute in Chaguaramas.

Owner of Delft Cocoa Plantations, Lesley-Ann Jurawan shared her passion for the chocolate industry in the hope the younger generation will revitalise the art form of chocolate making in Trinidad and Tobago.

To impart this passion Jurawan sought the expertise of Belgian World Chocolate Ambassador Chef Bart Van Cauwenberghe who shared his knowledgeable insight into the chocolate making techniques, his experiences, and hopefully inspire others to be innovative.

Chef Bart reminded the participants that Trinidad and Tobago has a wealth of essential ingredients for chocolate making.

He encouraged participants to become more aware of the qualities of the local ingredients available and to experiment with new flavour combinations.

Chef Bart said if he gave ten persons the same recipe and returns to taste it, they should all be different. He advised the chocolate makers and aspiring chocolate makers to be inspired and “create your own thing !”

Minister of Food Production Vasant Bharath was pleased to hear Chef Bart echo the initiatives he has been promoting over the past 12 months — youth involvement in the sector, value added initiatives and of course a revival of a thriving cocoa industry in Trinidad and Tobago.

The recently revised Agricultural Incentives Programme is also a testament of this .

The participants sampled Chef Bart’s exotic creations that even included passion fruit. The chocolates were made from Trinidad and Tobago’s Fine Flavour Cocoa and sourced from the Montserrat Cocoa Farmers Co-op.

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