Kimba, the budding soca lawyer

Winner of Newsday’s People’s Choice Award of the recently concluded “New Soca Star” show hosted by Synergy TV, Kimba Sorzano, says he will be pursuing entertainment law. This he plans to do after he completing the next two years of the K Beckles & Associates Law Tutors external degree programme, and a further two years at the Sir Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad. Sorzano, 21, won the hearts of the people when he performed “Put It on Me” at the finals of the Synergy competition. When asked what the song was about and what was the “it” that he was singing about Kimba cheekily replied that he wanted the girls to put “it” on him but couldn’t describe the “it”.

However, Sorzano described his feelings about being the people’s choice Soca star stating: “It’s a nice feeling, to know that I have the support of TT. When you score with the people, you really score so I am happy, flattered and to know that all the hard work paid off is just great.” Sorzano started delving into music at age four while attending St Xavier’s Prep School, St Joseph, when he joined the school’s steelband. He also entered the school’s calypso competitions with measured success, then at Holy Cross College he went a step further and entered the Junior Soca Monarch competition and placed fifth.

“I’m not really into competing but music has always been a part of my life. I like music and will continue to make music and express myself  through it,” said Sorzano. He added that he sees himself among the top artistes in the soca industry in a few years to come, where he should be able to influence the direction of soca, as well as the marketing of soca abroad. And for all the young women that are after his boyish grin he said of his personal life: “I have plenty friends that are girls but no girlfriends.” The budding soca lawyer is more serious in accomplishing his goals at this time.


"Kimba, the budding soca lawyer"

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