Hungarian breaks World Record - Brunner’s magic fingers

Speaking to Newsday yesterday at the Hilton, , Brunner said the that first two days were the most difficult as it is all about mental strength going into and during the feat. And although there was a great amount of support from family members and the general public, the hours between 2 am. and 7 am proved to test his mental strength and determination as he was more or less performing to an audience made up of his wife, a bartender and a few hotel staff members for that period.

During the 64 hour ordeal Brunner was allowed a 15 minute break after every eight hours that served as time for what he called “power-napping” and to have simple refreshments. His muscle cramps however were very well attended to by local masseuse, Otis Hislop.

As with any competition, Brunner had to comply to certain regulations and was not allowed to repeat a song until four hours of playing had elapsed. Luckily, he was well prepared with a multitude of love ballads that could be played for a complete ten hours without repetition and some without manuscripts .

As challenging as the task was, the Hungarian-born musician was equal to the task since he said he had started playing the piano at the age of four under the influence of his father, Gyorgy who was also a pianist.

Brunner said music was the only thing he was so passionately involved in all of his life and has made a celebrated career out of it. He also possesses three diplomas in music and held the title of musical director on the Royal Caribbean International Cruise Ship, for part of the 21 years while he worked in the industry.

Asked about the reason behind his interest in breaking the Guinness record, Brunner says “ego has a lot to do with it” but basically “I like to make others happy when I play.” During the last three days he said he saw many faces light up at the thought of witnessing a historical event.

For now, the record-breaker is content with carrying on his piano classes at his Chaguanas home and hopes to establish another centre in the Tunapuna area to accommodate the many students from the East-West corridor.

And perhaps in the next year or so, Brunner will attempt to break his own record.


"Hungarian breaks World Record – Brunner’s magic fingers"

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