Paul gets ‘corruption’ report

ACP Glenroy Woodley and UK Supt Michael Allen of the Special Anti-Crime Unit (SAUTT) were two officers assigned to look into the recent allegations made by Supt Maharaj.

According to a release issued by the Ministry of National Security, the report was delivered to Brigadier Peter Joseph, Director of the SAUTT on Friday.

“I expect that once the Commissioner has reviewed the report he will submit a proposal to me, as Minister, as it relates to the next steps,” said Martin Joseph, National Security Minister.

“It is critically important that we address any allegations of fraud and corruption in the police system,” he added. Maharaj in a letter dated November 6. 2007 to Commissioner of Police Trevor Paul alleged that there was rampant corruption among some policemen in the Police Southern Division.

In a first letter dated October 31 2007, Supt Maharaj received a letter from Paul informing him “that you will be required to accept the handover of Sen Supt Southern Division from Sen Supt Jemmot with effect from 2nd November 2007, as a result of his transfer to the Executive.”

And in a second letter dated November 6 2007, Maharaj again received correspondence from Paul informing him that “you are appointed to act as Sen Supt of Police in the Southern Division with effect from November 2nd 2007 to November 30th 2007 inclusive.”

However, Supt Maharaj responded to Paul saying that “I am unable to accept the appointment.”The letter accused several police officers in the southern division of “rampant corruption” and of “being involved in the illegal drug and gun trade.”

Following the allegations, ACP Glenroy Woodley, who is in charge of the Fraud Squad confirmed that he has been given the task of investigating the allegations. UK Supt Michael Allen of the Special Anti-Crime Unit (SAUTT) was also assigned to the investigations.


"Paul gets ‘corruption’ report"

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