Eleven-year-old Seth Mitchell and his brother Shayden, ten, watched as the man repeatedly stabbed their mother after he confronted her at her workplace at Bavarian Motors, Todd Street, San Fernando, where she was an assistant manager.

The 36-year-old man begged Sabrina to reconcile with him and he attacked her when she refused. He then slit his wrists, ran out and got into his car which he crashed moments later in Gulf View.

Although he was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital, sources said the man refused medical treatment and up to press time was reported to be in critical condition.

Mitchell, however, was pronounced dead on arrival at the same hospital.

She was attacked at about 4 pm, shortly after her sons, students of Grant Memorial Presbyterian School, had arrived with the man who took them to their mother’s workplace to meet her.

“I did not even get to hug or kiss my mummy. She was the world to me and look at what happened. She’s gone,” cried Seth as he was comforted by his grandfather Dennis Lalla at Lalla’s home in Funrose Street, San Fernando. Mitchell was Lalla’s daughter.

Seth, who is a Standard Four student, said the man asked him to call out to his mother and insisted he needed to speak to her.

“I was watching them from a distance because, I don’t know, I was feeling something was wrong because his face was looking kind of angry but I did not say anything. I was just watching and then I saw him pull out a knife from his pocket,” Seth said. “I run fast from where I was, faster than a jet, I pushed everything that was in my sight. My shoes flung off, I wanted to save mummy so bad but he began to stab her. And I tried pulling him off her but he just continued stabbing and everybody was there in the room.”

Seth said his mother struggled to push the man away and screamed but he continued to stab her.

“I even tried talking to him and told him, ‘Don’t kill mummy’ but he said mummy did not want to make back up with him so he had to kill her and then kill himself.”

Seth said he tried to pull the man off of his mother and to convince him to stop stabbing her. “I tried to tell him if mummy’s dead who would look after us and he stopped and watched me but mummy was already on the floor and covered in a pool of blood and my school-clothes were covered in blood.”

Holding photographs of his mother, Seth said the man threatened to kill anyone if they got close to him. “Everyone was just so afraid but I wanted to save mummy but he already stabbed her so many times and he left. I went to her on the floor and she was half dead. She would not get to see me grow up, to write SEA. It was so frightening, my heart wants to burst out of my chest, but God is great.”

Lalla, a pastor of Dixon Memorial Church in San Fernando, said he was in shock and could not accept his daughter was dead. Lalla confirmed his daughter had been in an abusive relationship with the man which ended months ago. He said he thought they had a “mutual understanding” after their relationship ended. The man, who remained friendly with the family, was at Lalla’s home last week for the celebration of Lalla’s wife’s birthday. “Right now I just don’t know what to say,” Lalla said. “I used to talk to both of them but it did not work out and I still used to talk to them after.”

Mitchell’s murder is the latest killing linked to domestic violence. It follows the murder last week of two-year-old Etean Smith who was beaten to death. Etean’s mother Devika Roopwah, who was also beaten during that attack, survived. The resurgence of killings this week has moved the murder toll to 400.



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