Scratch bomb fire at school

Martha Deokienath-Maha- raj, who teaches business, sustained burns to the soles of her feet, as she used a bucket of water to douse the flames which started when a student exploded scratch bombs in a hole cut into a foam mattress.

Neelasham Dipnarine who teaches Computer Science was burnt on his face and right arm when he attempted to put out the fire with an extinguisher.

They were both given first-aid by paramedics of the Fire Service before being taken to the Gasparillo Health Centre where they were attended to and discharged.

As a result of the fire, classes were dismissed early.

The students playing with the scratch bombs, which are illegal, have not been found but following investigations, one student was held with a pair of socks containing 27 scratch bombs. A report said he led police officers to where the items were discovered buried near a tree on the school’s compound.

The teenager has been questioned by police officers.

The incident yesterday was the second such occurrence at the school in which someone was injured.

A report stated that on Wednesday, a Form Two student identified as Jason Sookdeo also received burns when classmates exploded firecrackers on his back.

Sources at the school told Newsday that all day on Wednesday, students allegedly set off several fire crackers in classrooms and on the compound.

Yesterday, according to reports, at about 8.30 am, students allegedly set fire to two foam mattresses used for physical education during morning assembly.

Parts of the ceiling, electrical wiring and PVC pipes were damaged leading to approximately $25,000 in losses.

The fire was set on the southern side of the auditorium in the vicinity of the school’s cafeteria.


"Scratch bomb fire at school"

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