Teacher beats student, 16

According to one of the eyewitnesses, the 16-year-old boy was physically assaulted by the teacher after he failed to obey the teacher’s command to go to the muster point where other students had assembled when the emergency bell went off.

The student, a school source told Newsday, had to be rescued by a MTS security officer.

The teacher, who is said to be a senior member of the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers’ Association (TTUTA), left the school compound immediately after the incident. Students however told Newsday while they were sent to the muster point, the teacher remained inside the staff room.

The angry schoolmates said the teacher’s reaction came after the boy questioned the teacher about the way he had addressed him. They accused the teacher of “talking real rough” to the student and the student did not move.

Newsday was told the teacher became annoyed and grabbed the student by his neck and cuffed him in the face before “pinning him to the ground” and beating him.

One student said, “All he asked Sir was if that is the way he talks to people. Sir went berserk on him and the security had to intervene and call the teacher from off the student before it got worse.”

School sources said at about 11 am yesterday, there was a bomb scare and students were told to go to the muster point at the back of the school. Tenders from the Fire Service Headquarters in Mon Reops responded and classes at the school resumed at about 1 pm.

The boy’s parents visited the school yesterday and met with a senior teacher.

When Newsday contacted the school officials said principal Samuel Bowen was not present and no one else was available for comment.

Calls to the Education Ministry’s communication specialist Rory Subiah’s cellphone went unanswered.


"Teacher beats student, 16"

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