Gypsy apologises for Ravi B

“It is unfortunate that an artiste, in the soreness of him losing, had to react in that kind of irresponsible manner,” Peters said yesterday during a press conference on Carnival safety at Hyatt Regency, Port-of-Spain.

Last year’s winner, Ravi B was dethroned by veteran Rikki Jai who won $2 million. Ravi B, performing with the band Karma, in a concert after the competition encouraged supporters to pelt the stage to show their objection to the results.

Although Ravi B had apologised on Sunday, the minister felt it necessary to offer one of his own.

“As an artiste myself, I might want to apologise on his behalf but more than that, that kind of irresponsible behaviour should not be tolerated. As it is now, it is really a matter for law enforcement, namely the police, to deal with. They would determine where to go from there but it is not the kind of behaviour that we tolerate,” Peters declared.

Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs, who was at the press conference, when pressed about the possibility of Ravi B being charged for inciting irresponsible behaviour, Gibbs would only say the police have “to take a look at everything in terms of any kind of provocation to violence. We take a look at whether there has to be any steps put in place to intervene.”

Ravi B issued another apology in a statement yesterday.

“To the supporters, well-wishers and the public, and in particular to Southex’s CEO George Singh I am sorry for my irresponsible actions on Saturday night,” Ravi B, admitting his conduct was unprofessional and he allowed his disappointment to get the better of him.

“I know that my action caused disappointment to many who support me and admire my career, including my family. Lessons are learnt and I need to move forward facing challenges and disappointments in life.”

He said he admired Rikki Jai as “someone who has paved the way for Chutney music and for me to exist today and I must congratulate him on his victory.”

Rikki Jai has said he was disappointed by Ravi B’s response to the loss. Before the incident, Ravi B had embraced Rikki Jai on stage, while Rikki Jai held a replica cheque, in what at first seemed to be an act of camaraderie.

“That was the ranting of a sore loser. One minute he was in front trying to create an impression for the world to see and the next minute inciting violence with the crowd,” said Rikki Jai. The six-time monarch said when he placed second to Ravi B last year, he did not have any grouse with the results. He said, however, that Ravi B’s comments on Sunday morning were not going to distract him.


"Gypsy apologises for Ravi B"

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