Moonilal hits Ravi B’s conduct

Yesterday, Housing Minister Dr Roodal Moonilal condemned the singer’s conduct and called on the police to deal with this matter. Moonilal said while he was not at the show last Saturday at Skinner Park in San Fernando, he has since viewed a clip of the incident in which Ravi B stopped his band “Karma” from performing and then called on those who did not agree with the official results which saw Rikki Jai as the winner, to throw something on the stage. A hail of water bottles and other objects rained down on the stage.

“I guess it was not his karma to win on the night. And by his actions, he broke the law and the law should be enforced,” Moonilal said. Saying he saw a video clip of the incident, Moonilal said he believed the action by the artiste was intentional.

“He told his sister to move out of the way...and the band members and it was there he told the crowd to pelt what they had in their hand unto the stage. This was a bad example he set for the young people who was there at the show. You can’t have this kind of lawlessness in society among artistes,” Moonilal said. The minister added that at last year’s competition, when Jai lost out to Ravi B and placed second, he (Jai) did not conduct himself in such a manner.

It was also revealed yesterday that the Ravi B Children’s Show scheduled for March 5 at Guaracara Park has been cancelled. In a media release, organisers at Et-Cet-Era said that the decision was made (to cancel the show) in light of “Saturday’s untimely and much regrettable action showcased at the 2011 Chutney Monarch Finals...”

Patrons who purchased tickets were advised to return the tickets at the various outlets where they purchased the tickets for their refunds.


"Moonilal hits Ravi B’s conduct"

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