Bands snub Piccadilly Greens

Legacy was the first and only big band to make their way through Piccadilly. The large band, which portrayed South Pacific, gave a small turnout of spectators and the judges a lively and colourful showcase of Hawaii. It took the band almost an hour to parade sections which included “Hula Dancers”, “Waikiki Beach”, “Aloha Festival”, “Mont Te Manga” and “Haku Manu Bird Dance”.

Fleets Inn mas band featuring Panorama champs Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars portrayed a colourful section of fancy sailors. They were followed by Trini Indulgence with their presentation, Eye Candy. At 11.30 am, Tribal Connection, the last band to parade in front of the judges, featured a colourful display of Fancy Indians, with their presentation Gathering of the First People.

The four bands which passed the Piccadilly judging point did so without any hiccups and were able to thrill the small crowd who make it a yearly ritual to turn out at the Piccadilly Greens to see the bands parade. According to one NCC official, who preferred anonymity, “It’s sad to see that many of the big bands didn’t see it necessary to parade at Piccadilly . Carnival Monday was the same thing, only a few of the bands came, which really leaves a big void. I think the bands should reconsider their options next year and continue to parade through here,” the official said.


"Bands snub Piccadilly Greens"

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