Colour Mas in Sando

Montano’s “Advantage” was the tune that ruled the greatest show on earth as depicted in the southern landscape.

As usual, Mas got off to a late start in the southern city, and by midday only three bands had crossed one of the judging points in front Scotiabank at High Street, San Fernando. By 2 pm, the sunshine that earlier reigned, was threatened by overcast skies.

Defending Band of the Year winners Ivan Kalicharan’s Colors of Light, was the first band to cross the High Street judging point. Their colourful costumes told the story of the virtues of light and colour. The Nation’s People kept the traditional mas alive with their portrayal of native American Indians.

The band “From The Blackhills They Came” held the attention of spectators, the masqueraders depicting the story of the struggles of natives who tried to regain their lands, and identity.

Minerals of the Earth produced by Fireworks/Trini Fever Crew, brought together a kaleidoscope of colours, its various sections depicted the many minerals the earth produces. There was also Queen of the Band, Joan Mohammed, who played “Mother Earth.” Meanwhile, Lionel Jagessar’s band Around My Teepee was the first band to start the celebrations on Cipero Street.


"Colour Mas in Sando"

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