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Tuesday 26 March 2019
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Caribs elect new queen

Jennifer Cassar is the new Carib Queen-elect.

Following the passing of former Queen, Valentina “Ma Mavis” Assing, who died of cancer, in April this year, Cassar was chosen to take up the mantle of the indigenous Carib community.

Cassar is the sixth woman to head the Carib community since female rule was introduced in 1875. She said she is elated and is looking forward to her responsibility.

Cassar said she has embraced the Carib way of life since childhood.

“I’ve been a Carib all my life. My great-great grand- parents were full blooded Caribs; my grandfather and my mother are half Caribs.

I know a lot of the history because I lived my life as a Carib,” Cassar said. “There is a lot that I have to look forward to as the Carib Queen,” she added.

Cassar, who has two children, said although she tries to impart the Carib influence on her children, they prefer to be “modern” in their ways. She said one of her aims would be to try to encourage more awareness of the Caribs and their way of life. She said the Carib community has a lot to offer.

President/Chief of the Santa Rosa Carib Community, Ricardo Bharath-Hernandez, said he believes Cassar is a noble Carib Queen.

He noted that Cassar has a wealth of experience that will benefit the Carib community, which is also known as the Santa Rosa First People’s Community.


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