Verna creates ‘Gatekeepers’ scheme

She revealed her new initiative at yesterday’s post-Cabinet news conference at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s.

The project aims to build responsibility in the male personality, she said. It would be run by the Toco Foundation, which she said had successfully run similar projects at Moruga/Barrackpore and Sangre Grande.

St Rose-Greaves said the project would use problem-solving methods to tackle issues such as the family and crime. Community resources would be applied to enable the use of multiple approaches, and alternative methodologies in a sustainable way. She said she has already seen and felt the results of the project run elsewhere.

The project would change behaviour, move people to take social action and invoke community action. Rather than outsider experts solving the woes of communities, she said much expertise already exists within a given community.

St Rose-Greaves said the $3.2 million price-tag has already got Cabinet’s nod. “There is no price for safe communities, and for getting people to claim ownership of their communities.” The project would be run by working closely with NGOs and the corporate sector, she said.

The Minister also spelt out the new social facilities she wishes to build.

These include a model children’s home, two transition houses, a domestic violence safe house, a home for perpetrators (who often now don’t get help), two respite centres, four assessment centres, and an Institute of Healing.


"Verna creates ‘Gatekeepers’ scheme"

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