Woman strangled

Police had claimed last week Thursday, Ramdeen had ingested cocaine during a police search of her Caroni home and subsequently died at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex while doctors were trying to revive her.

On Monday morning, an autopsy was done by pathologist Dr Hughvon des Vignes at the Centre after which, des Vignes concluded that Ramdeen died from asphyxia and also suffered with chronic coronary complications.

Hours later, a second autopsy was done on Monday afternoon by University of the West Indies (UWI) pathologist Dr Hubert Daisley and lasted for three hours. Yesterday, Daisley confirmed to Newsday that he was asked by Ramdeen’s relatives to perform the second autopsy.

He also confirmed that his findings showed that Ramdeen died from strangulation. Asked if he was present at the first autopsy, Daisley answered in the affirmative saying he was asked by Ramdeen’s relatives to witness the first autopsy.

Daisley made it clear he was only there to witness and not participate in the autopsy.

Daisley said toxicology tests carried out on Monday revealed Ramdeen did not have any trace of cocaine in her stomach or liver. Daisley said that his findings were presented to Ramdeen’s relatives who have now passed on the matter to their attorney.

Daisley said while he will not comment on the findings made by des Vignes, he is resolute that based on the autopsy he (Daisley) performed on Monday afternoon, Ramdeen died from strangulation and not coronary heart failure.

Yesterday, police sources involved in the Ramdeen case said they are standing by the findings of des Vignes’ autopsy and asked why didn’t Daisley raise any objections to des Vignes, if he (Daisley) had doubts that Ramdeen did not die of asphxyia as claimed by des Vignes.

Last Thursday, Central Division officers raided Ramdeen’s Caroni house in search of drugs and ammunition. Police claimed that on arrival, they were forced to break open a door to gain entry and found Ramdeen in a bathroom sweating profusely.

They added that a search of the house yielded one round of ammunition.

Ramdeen, police alleged, told the officers that she had swallowed a quantity of cocaine. Police officers claimed they took Ramdeen’s three children to a neighbour’s home and then took her to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex where she was treated by doctors but later died.


"Woman strangled"

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