Carmona lobbies Maduro

“Because I am a lawyer, because I am an international jurist there are some things I always leave with leaders,” Carmona said to Maduro, who made a courtesy call at President’s House. Maduro’s wife, Cilia Flores, and several members of his administration accompanied him. Carmona said the rule of law; the rules of natural justice and due process were matters of concern to all leaders.

“We must not in fact become terrorists in our dealing with terrorism,” the President told Maduro. “A terrorist is entitled to due process and the rules of natural justice.

There cannot be peace without justice. This is why it is so important throughout the world to have a strong judiciary that is independent and that will be fair.” Switching to Spanish, Carmona also added, “We must believe in hope, always.” On the small arms trade, Carmona lobbied Maduro to help this country stem the flow of guns from the South American mainland.

The TT Head of State also called for assistance in accessing funding to tackle climate change.

On this point, Carmona ventured to make a suggestion. “It is possible that we might have excessive energy with the closure of the steel industry in Point Lisas,” he said.

“TTEC can, in fact, possibly provide Venezuela with electricity.” The President added, “But it is not my job to create the situation, it is my job to create the idea. Maybe it is something you can speak to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Energy (Nicole Ollivierre) about.” Maduro replied, “it is a brilliant idea.

The (Venezuelan to TT)Ambassador (Coromoto Godoy Calderon) has mentioned this.” He said climate change was affecting Venezuela, drying up its Guri Resevoir. “It’s almost a desert,” Maduro said.

He cited regional thinker Norman Girvan, who died in 2014, and called for a single Caribbean entity. “We have a common history and a common fate,” Maduro said.

“The world of slaves is over.” The Venezuelan president wrote a long note in Spanish in the official visitors’ book, which ended, “Long live our friendship”. He said he was glad to see Carmona again and — with some doubt over his future back home palpable — joked that each meeting was fortuitous.

“Every time we see you its lucky,” Maduro said. Carmona quipped that he would buy a lotto ticket. “There has not been the political will in the past to join our people,” the President said.

“But the will has always been there at ground zero.”


"Carmona lobbies Maduro"

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