Sinkhole in Beetham

Workers at the Ministry of Works and Transport, along with Corporation workers and employees of the WASA waste water team were up to press time yesterday working together to stop the flow of water and repair the hole.

Newsday understands on Monday, workers at WASA were working in the area, when Lynette Mc Intosh, whose house is situated in front the hole noticed that the roadway in front her house was sinking.

“The road was just sinking.

WASA did not interfere with anything, but I asked what they could do for me, because I saw the sink. When they opened the manhole this (yesterday) morning, they saw the water running, but they could not do anything about it, because that is not what they came for.” Mc Intosh recalled, at about 11.30 am yesterday, the roadway in front her house on Seventh Street, Beetham Gardens, began to cave in.

She told reporters that within five minutes, the hole expanded to about eight feet in diametre.

Water could have been seen flowing underground from a ruptured sewer line.

Mc Intosh complained that the hole is now a massive inconvenience to her and her family, as she runs a small parlour from her house in order to maintain the home.

She said because of the sink hole, she had to close for the day.

Officials from the San Juan/ Laventille Reigonal Corporation, told reporters they are working together with the Ministry of Works and Transport, as well as the WASA waste water team to fill the hole as soon as possible.

“If we get the water to stop, we can fill the hole so that the house which is affected would not be threatened any further.” said the Corporation official.


"Sinkhole in Beetham"

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