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Thursday 17 January 2019
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NSA Leader calls for Parliament to consider citizens’ right to bear arms

SAYING the nation has to declare war on the criminal element, National Solidarity Assembly political leader Nirvan Maharaj is calling for a “joint and unified effort” by the Government and Opposition benches of Parliament to deal with escalating crime.

In a media release on Thursday, Maharaj said the time has come for Parliament to “consider the reform of our Constitution to allow, after proper checks and balances, for the right of our citizens to bear arms.” He said the PNM and UNC has to “stop playing games” and immediately “come together in the national interest and find a way to deal with the savagery and brutality of a crime scourge wreaking havoc on innocent citizens.

“It cannot be that men, women and children are being slaughtered without remorse, that robbery and rape now seems to be a norm, that criminals are running amok without fear and our Parliamentarians are content to sit on their behinds and accuse each other of being racist, with bantering, picong and old talk being the norm in Parliament.” Maharaj said the special Parliamentary sitting should have as its objective, finding immediate short-term, medium-term and longterm solutions to the crime problem.

“(This sitting) must be televised live for the nation to observe and comment (and) every single member of Parliament must speak and give a point of view.

“We must fight fire with fire and the State must lead the charge in ensuring that every citizen is able to enjoy their constitutional right to enjoyment of property and to live in safety and security without fear or terror.” He also called for the implementation of the death penalty as a “just and fitting punishment for certain deliberate and pre-meditated horrific crimes committed” by people who were killing without remorse.

“Those who have violated the human rights of innocent law-abiding citizens must themselves be stripped of the right to escape punishment.

They must no longer be allowed to continue destroying the society and the lives of law-abiding citizens.” And regarding the right to bear arms, Maharaj said “Innocent law-abiding citizens cannot continue to be sheep and fodder for criminals to whom the ownership of illegal firearms is a norm without fear of the law. “Citizens must be given a fighting chance to defend themselves.

The law cannot continue to operate to the detriment of our law-abiding citizens by stripping them of the means of defending themselves.”


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