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Thursday 15 November 2018
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Who performed kidney surgery on Chief Justice Sat Sharma 15 years ago? Was it Dr Vijay Naraynsingh or Dr Lall Sawh? Reports last week named Naraynsingh as the doctor and quoted the Chief Justice as telling Attorney General John Jeremie that Naraynsingh had saved his (the CJ’s) life. At a meeting on January 5 with Sharma, Jeremie stated in a report which forms part of his official complaint about Sharma, that the CJ displayed the surgical scar from the operation and said that Naraynsingh had saved his life.

Medical records at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital where Sharma underwent the operation in August 1990 to remove a kidney tumour show that urologist Dr Lall Sawh was the head surgeon who operated on Sharma assisted by Naraynsingh and Dr Fuad Khan. The hospital records stated that Sharma of Fairways, Maraval was admitted to Ward 24 on August 16, 1990 and that surgery was performed on the left kidney from which a tumour was removed. Sharma was discharged from the hospital on August 24.




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