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Thursday 27 June 2019
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Faeces thrown at city Magistrate

PROCEEDINGS at the Port-of- Spain Eleventh Magistrates’ Court came to an abrupt halt yesterday morning after a prisoner threw faeces at the presiding magistrate.

Magistrate Michelle Maraj-Brown was sitting on the bench shortly before 10 am when Tyrone Clarke appeared before her.

Clarke who is charged with arson and malicious damage, told Maraj-Brown, “Mam, I have a paper from the doctor to show you.” He then reached into his back pocket took out a crix plastic bag and something wrapped in paper.

By the time officers realised what was happening, Clarke flung the package (faeces) straight at Magistrate Maraj-Brown. The petite magistrate screamed out in horror as the entire courtroom became engulfed with a foul stench.

The clerk and prosecutor rushed to the aid of a traumatised Maraj-Brown and whisked her away to the back, while police officers subdued Clarke and dealt him several blows to the body.

Although the faecal matter did not reach the magistrate’s chair, the walls, benches, attorney’s bar and some officers were not spared.

Persons waiting to have their matters heard, made a mad dash for the door as walls were splattered with the waste matter.

Reasons for Clarke’s behaviour remain unclear as there is no record to show that he suffers from mental problems.

The court was immediately shut down and a MTS cleaning crew was brought in to wash and sanitise the area but, for all the soap, bleach and water, the scent remained and soon the unpleasant odour could be experienced throughout the corridors of the new wing.

Word of the unfortunate incident spread to other magistrates and like a chain reaction, matters were being dealt with quickly and prisoners sent back downstairs.


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