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Monday 27 May 2019
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Rangers to adopt St Ann’s name says owner/manager

RICHARD FAKOORY, owner and manager of T&T Pro League outfit Superstar Rangers is calling on clubs in all sporting disciplines to structure themselves in a way to become more community-based.

Yesterday Fakoory disclosed that he has already re-registered his club under the name “St Ann’s Rangers” this season.

This change will be made known to the T&T Pro League later this month at a scheduled press briefing.

He made it clear that the change in name came after lengthy deliberations with his board members.

According to Fakoory there is a need for the country’s sports clubs to align themselves with a community.

This he said will enhance the support the teams will get during match days, as well as create a rivalry among the clubs.

”Clubs are almost dead now because they do not receive the support that they need,” Fakoory said.

This he added can be achieved if the clubs are from particular communities and would allow community members to identify with and support them.

Fakoory, an executive member of the Super 10 Basketball League also expressed the view that this initiative will enhance the interest by the nation’s youth and encourage them to join. He is advocating that each club change their name to the community it belongs to and get all involved in the interest of sport development.

“This can be done at all sports, including volleyball, hockey, basketball, just about all of them so that we can improve sports in Trinidad and Tobago,” Fakoory noted.

He pointed out that for example, Joe Public can call themselves “Arouca Joe Public” or Harvard can call themselves “St James Harvard” which will allow the club to be identified with the St James community.

Fakoory is also calling on all clubs to field a junior team in competition, which he claimed, should be a requirement for entry into the different competitions, in spite of the sporting discipline.

He feels it is the only way in which development can properly take place in sports in the twin-island republic.

His call is similar to Super 10 Tournament Director Keith Clement, who at the recent awards function at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, said it is now mandatory for each team to present a junior team for entry into the 2008 Super 10 competition.

Fakoory said that this approach is being conducted all over the world, including England, Spain and Germany.

“Probably there is not the need to have youth teams at all levels, but there is need for there to be a junior team,” Fakoory said.


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