PNM joins Gingerbread House campaign

The call was issued by party deputy political leader (policy matters) Nafeesa Mohammed during a PNM Women’s League function at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Port-of-Spain.

Mohammed also described the debate generated over the painting of the party’s symbol, the balisier, on the tail of a Caribbean Airlines Dash-8 aircraft as interesting. The balisier has since been removed from that aircraft and will also be removed from the airline’s stationery.

Mohammed said the history of the Gingerbread House touched her “heart and soul,” especially the fact that PNM founder, the late Dr Eric Williams, had “roots” which stemmed from the Boisserre family who own the house. She added that the history of the building further suggests that it was constructed similar to India’s famous Taj Mahal as “a symbol of love.”

Noting that the Gingerbread House had opened the door for debate on the preservation of national heritages, Mohammed said the PNM must participate in this process. She explained that even as Vision 2020 becomes a reality and the country inches towards developed nation status, “we need to protect our history, our legacy, our heritage.”


"PNM joins Gingerbread House campaign"

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