‘Taliban shot up like a strainer’

It revealed that Edwards died as a result of shock and haemorrhage consistent with multiple gunshot wounds. However, the report failed to state how many gunshot wounds Edwards sustained, and to what parts of the body.

The autopsy, which took only about 45 minutes, was performed by pathologist Dr Eastlyn Mc- Donald-Burris shortly after 2 pm.

It was only yesterday morning shortly after 9 am that Edwards’ body was taken to Forensic Science Centre from the Port-of-Spain mortuary. Since the incident, it was reported by a hospital source that Edwards’ body was placed on a stretcher and left in a room, out of cold storage.

When contacted a police source confirmed that it was mandatory by law for two or one relative along with the investigating officer to witness an autopsy.

a relative claimed that she and another relative were only called into the autopsy room to identify the body and expressed shock that they were not allowed to stay on and witness the autopsy.

“First of all it was a long tedious wait for us to identify the body. After we did, we were then told that we had to leave the room, so I questioned why we were not being able to witness the autopsy. I was then told that it was not necessary,” the relative said.

“I said to her that I was able to witness an autopsy in the past along with someone else and couldn’t understand why I was not allowed, which brings me to wonder if there is going to be a cover up in the matter, if the results would be tampered with,” she added.

The relative claimed that she noticed a big gunshot wound to the neck and by the crotch, “If you see that wound, it bigger than the one by the heart area, it was like a sapodilla that had fallen from a tree and burst, that is how it looked. It was horrible to see Mustapha shot up like a strainer, even in his crotch bore gunshot wounds.”

The relative also claimed that the family was visited by a senior officer along with a party of officers.

“He asked to see Mustapha’s mother and immediate family. He was very nice and gave the assurance that they were investigating the matter feverishly. However, I am questioning the investigator assigned to the case. We were given a name as to who would be handling the investigations but low and behold today we were introduced to someone else, who I have never even heard about,” the relative said.

According to a police report, at about 12.05 am police officers and soldiers were on foot patrol along Pump Trace, in the vicinity of the tank, when they came upon three men.

The report claimed that two of the men whipped out firearms and opened fire on the officers, forcing the officers to return fire. When the shooting stopped, the report stated, Edwards was found slumped to the ground, his body bearing several gunshot wounds. On Thursday afternoon relatives and residents staged a fiery protest expressing their disgust over the incident.

An official of the Police Service Communications Department ensured that the matter was being pursued and revealed that the investigations were being spearheaded by ASP Ramoutar.


"‘Taliban shot up like a strainer’"

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