15 killings in four days

The men in this case were suspects in the murders of five persons at a bar in Curepe early Sunday morning. They were all shot dead in Barataria yesterday. There were also five murders overnight Monday into Tuesday morning.

Four of the victims were men and they were shot dead. One woman, a school-teacher was stabbed to death. On Saturday, a Carenage man was shot dead in Laventille.

Apart from the five massacred in Curepe on Sunday, two men were also murdered that day, one in Point Fortin the other in Cocorite.

September 12

Allister Antoine, 22, of Sea View Hill, Carenage, gunned down at Block 22, Laventille

September 13

Glen Morris, 27, of Five Rivers Arouca, shot dead at La Cabana Bar, Curepe

Damien Pounnette, 24, of Knowles Street, Curepe, shot dead at La Cabana Bar

Kieron Charles, 24, of Arnos Vale, Tobago, shot dead at La Cabana Bar

Ray James, 24, of Poinsettia Street, Macoya, shot dead at La Cabana Bar

Hakeem Vickles, 17, of Belle Smythe Street, Curepe, shot dead at La Cabana Bar

Sunil Ravi Sookdeo, 24, of Guanapo, Cap-de-Ville, Point Fortin, shot dead at his pluck shop.

Dwayne Leggerton, 18, of Waterhole, Cocorite shot dead near a Nazrene church.

September 14

Clint John, 26, of St Margaret’s Village, Claxton Bay, shot dead at Beetham Gardens.

Errol La Borde Junior, 23, of Barker Street, Petit Valley, shot dead near his home.

September 15

Phillip Lewis, 19, of Cox Lane, Laventille shot dead at Hamel Street, Laventille.

Levi Mendoza, 17, of Bagatelle, Diego Martin, shot dead near his home.

Bhasmat Seemungal-Akaloo kidnapped from her Sangre Grande home at about 3 am.

Found dead with throat slit at Guaico.


"15 killings in four days"

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