‘We can’t live here anymore’

Murphy Dindial a businessman and father of Krystal Dindial eight and Daniel ten insisted yesterday that his wife Crystal and children no longer feel safe at the La Solita Trace, St Helena house where the robbery took place. He told Newsday his children were taken to the Caroni Police Station on Wednesday night where statements were recorded from them. He took a day off yesterday to have statements recorded from his wife and himself.

According to Dindial his children went to school yesterday at the St David’s RC School where they were counselled by the school’s Guidance Counsellor. They were also hugged and comforted by teachers and other students after their photos appeared in yesterday’s Newsday. The children have told their father they want to move to another house where they can feel safe. The children’s stepmother has also signalled that she is also scared about staying at the house where the robbery took place on Tuesday.

According to Murphy “I have to give thanks to God for my wife and baby daughter, not being in the house at the time of the robbery because if she was there maybe she could have been raped, or the children could have been beaten, or worse yet, kidnapped. But since this did not happen I am grateful that although some valuables were taken, my wife and children are safe.”

He pointed out that on Tuesday before the incident took place his wife telephoned him and said she was going to a nearby grocery to purchase baby formula for their one-month old daughter, Sophie. He said when his son telephoned him from a neighbours house and told him what had happened, he immediately contacted his wife and asked her where she was. “When I told her what had happened she just froze in the car, and was unable to drive but managed to pull herself together and drive to the house where the robbery had taken place.”

He said that his two children remained brave throughout the robbery, and he was happy they did not retaliate, or try to raise an alarm.

Murphy added that a pouch containing his baby daughter’s registration card which would have allowed them to secure his daughter’s birth certificate was stolen, and he now has to re-apply for those documents. He said that police recovered two cellphones and a technician’s kit from the suspects following a shoot-out on Tuesday. Two television sets stolen from his home and other valuables have not yet been recovered.

Today three suspects in police custody for the robbery at Murphy’s home are to be placed on Identification parades.


"‘We can’t live here anymore’"

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