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Friday 19 April 2019
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Lee Sing stays

OPPOSITION LEADER and People’s National Movement (PNM) political leader Dr Keith Rowley last night expressed confidence in Louis Lee Sing to continue as Mayor of Port-of-Spain. He spoke to reporters at Balisier House following meetings with the PNM’s central executive, the party’s councillors in the Port-of-Spain City Corporation and Lee Sing.

With a smiling Lee Sing walking behind him, as he left Balisier House, Rowley said problems which arose after a letter penned by the mayor was used by Government in last week’s no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar in Parliament, have been amicably resolved

“We discussed party business and are clear on where the lines are drawn and we go forward in confidence,” Rowley said. Asked whether Lee Sing was still in good standing in the PNM and whether he had confidence in Lee Sing’s ability to continue as mayor, Rowley replied: “Very much so. Yes. I have confidence in him. Sometimes these things make you stronger and put you in a better place. We are all singing from the same hymn sheet.”

Asked whether this issue showed there were attempts in the party to undermine his leadership, Rowley said: “That is what leadership is about. When difficulties arise, we try and rectify the situation. I think we’ve done that and I think we are ready for work.” Rowley said Lee Sing and the councillors would have their meeting in due course.

Lee Sing declined to say whether the letter which some councillors sent to him demanding a meeting had been withdrawn as a result of last night’s meetings.

“From time to time in the lives of organisations, things happen which could be milestones. Good comes out of all meetings,” Lee Sing said.

On his leadership style, Lee Sing said it was not possible for him to take decisions unilaterally because there was a “clearly defined approach.” Earlier in the day, Lee Sing was tight-lipped as to whether or not he intends to resign as mayor of this country’s capital city. Speaking in the presence of reporters as he welcomed China Latin America/Caribbean Association president Cheng Si Wei to Port-of-Spain City Hall for talks with members of the Port-of-Spain City Corporation, Lee Sing declared: “I am still the mayor, Louis Lee Sing.” While Lee Sing took one question from Newsday about the objectives which the Corporation and the Association hoped to achieve, he declined to take any other questions pertaining to calls by some members of the Corporation for him to resign. Lee Sing told reporters he had no answers to give them on those questions.

Contacted later by Newsday, Lee Sing refused to say whether or not he would resign as mayor or respond to a letter sent to him by some councillors calling for him to convene a meeting of the City Council to discuss their concern about his style of management. “I have no comment to make. In due time, all things will reveal itself,” he said. Asked whether he could still function as mayor with some members of the Corporation openly expressing no confidence in him, Lee Sing replied: “There is no animosity around me.”

He said no such sentiments were displayed by members of the Corporation who participated in yesterday’s meeting with the delegation from the China Latin America/Caribbean Association. Among members present were PNM Belmont North and West councillor Deanne Boucaud and United National Congress (UNC) St James West councillor Robin Bynoe. Boucaud did not sign the letter calling for Lee Sing to resign while Bynoe was amongst the group who did.


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