Volney’s promise to JCC: Equity and fair play

A Ministry of Justice release issued yesterday said Volney met JCC representatives for two hours yesterday at his office at the Port-of-Spain International Waterfront Government Complex, following a request by the JCC to meet with him.

The meeting was held to discuss the recommendations of the Uff Report which came out of the 2010 Commission of Inquiry into the Construction Sector, and the role of the local construction industry in the building of the proposed judicial complexes.

The JCC representatives called for the implementation of the 91 recommendations of the Uff Report, and has offered the services of two professionals to work with Government to implement them.

The JCC also detailed, the release said, how the local construction sector could become a strategic partner with Government to ensure they get the best value for money.

The JCC also recommended that Government consider mechanisms to safeguard local content, and local participation in large-scale State construction projects. Doing this, the JCC said, will ensure that government financing of projects will remain in the country to encourage further development and wealth generation in ancillary industries.

The JCC promised to deliver in writing to the ministry, full details of their proposals by May 7.

Having heard the JCC’s proposals, Volney undertook to consider the recommendations and issues highlighted.

The meeting came on the heels of concerns expressed by the JCC and the TT Contractors Association, after the disclosure by the UWI Negotiating Committee that the Contract for the UWI Debe Campus, be awarded to China Jiangsu International Economic Technical Corporation.

Former president of the contractors association, Mickey Joseph, on Monday claimed that the history of foreign contracting firms have been plagued by poor management, health and safety concerns, delays and the inability to provide necessary documents in a timely manner.


"Volney’s promise to JCC: Equity and fair play"

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