Minister Stacy gets married

Ramlogan was speaking on behalf of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar on Saturday during the Hindu wedding ceremony held at Roopnarine’s home at Goodman Trace in Penal.

Describing Roopnarine, 27, as a brilliant person, Ramlogan told the gathering that she impresses him by the way she dresses and conducts herself.

He noted Persad-Bissessar, who was at the time visiting flood sites in Diego Martin and environs, considered Roopnarine like a daughter and loved her as such.

As a young Member of Parliament, Roopnarine is passionate about issues she believes in and she represents the people well, he said.

“Damien you have taken away our princess of the Government of TT and the Cabinet. You have stolen her heart. To you I say treat her well, love her well, because she would always do you well and you both would prosper together. Stacy I say the vow you have taken today in this Hindu ceremony observe them and you will always bring good wealth, prosperity and happiness to your husband,” Ramlogan said.

As Roopnarine, dressed in a red and gold-coloured sari, sat next to Lyder, she smiled as Ramlogan said he was looking forward to seeing them produce a child. “ A young Stacy and Damien we look forward to in the near future . Best of luck and may and Lord Vishnu bring you strength and blessings. May you always be the Lakshmi that brings the light in the darkness of TT and in your own family,” Ramlogan added.

Ramlogan was among several Cabinet members at the wedding. Both the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Wade Mark, and acting President Timothy Hamel-Smith extended congratulations to the couple.

Mark noted, “Strong family leads to strong communities. Strong communities lead to a strong nation. I am happy to be here to see Stacy and Damien join hands as they move forward to strengthening the institution of marriage and the institution of the family.”

Pundits Ashook Maharaj and Abhedanand Persad- Sharma officiated at the ceremony. Maharaj urged the couple to always be happy with what they have. “Too many people’s eye get too long. The young ones especially as soon as they get married, and as they see someone else they feel they have found love again. The day you cannot have what you want, start wanting what you have.”


"Minister Stacy gets married"

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