Assault on violent crimes coming

Williams admitted he was concerned about the number of murders and violent crimes and said he has given instructions to all police divisions to put measures in place aimed at preventing such criminal activities from occurring.

Asked by Newsday if he was equally concerned about murders being committed against women, Williams said, “I do not focus whether the person being killed is a man or a woman. I am concerned that citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are being killed especially in the extremely violent way in which things are happening right now. So from a policing perspective, we will be doing everything within our power to have a major impact on violent crime in Trinidad and Tobago.”

He said soon the public will see the decisive actions police will take, which includes the way in which they go about their jobs.

“What we will be doing is taking a very pro-active approach to policing where we will have prevention as a high priority. This is the focus, this is the target, reduction in violent crimes, the police will be embarking on this drive to reduce violent crime.”

He said the Police Service will be using all the resources available to it to make a major impact on crime.

“I have in fact given the directive to make this thing happen and things will be seen unfolding over time.”

He also made it clear that even as the pro-active approach was aimed at reducing violent crimes, the members of the public must partner with the police to make the initiative a success.

Williams said while solving crime was part of the role of a police officer, he believes prevention is equally important. He said he could not divulge what tactics or methods the police will be using.

Up to yesterday, the murder toll stood at 264. The latest victim was Leela Deonarinesingh, who was found dead at her Oli Mohammed Trace, Barrackpore home on Sunday. Her body was discovered by her blind husband Deodath Deonarinesingh and initial checks revealed that her head was bashed in. Also on Saturday 30-year-old Ayanna Williams was shot 13 times while asleep with her common-law husband Michael Bournes at their Pelican Extension Morvant home.

Homicide officers told Newsday that they are concerned about women being the targets of murder and it appeared that killers no longer had regard for the lives of women.

They admitted that this was frightening.


"Assault on violent crimes coming"

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