Negatives, morning, noon and night

Hear him on the PM’s announcement to use “jammers” to stop the illegal use of cellphones in jail. She should have kept it a secret! Had she gone that route Al-Rawi (where did he get that name) would have been the first to shout “PM in secret spying on criminals!”

The Government is right to send a message to the criminals in prison who from their cells continue to lead gangs on the outside and to call shots on people.

Years ago the PNM said there were over 1,000 cellphones in prison provided by irresponsible prisons officers, visitors and those who throw cellphones over the walls. What did they do to stop it? Searches. Did that stop it? No.

Now that the plan is to cut them off by jamming, all Al-Rawi (that name again) can do is criticise the PM’s announcement. But then that’s the way with the PNM. Negatives, morning, noon and night. Al-Rawi should learn to stop appearing as if he knows everything better than anyone else. Let him face the polls in an election and then let’s see what he can do. I guarantee you, nothing, but opening his mouth.

Jerry Martin

Diego Martin


"Negatives, morning, noon and night"

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