Elle NYTT dance company launches ‘En route’

From hip hop to folk, dancehall to ballet and soca to contemporary dance, the company has represented and integrated different styles, that incorporate the rhythm of our own Caribbean flavour with a cocktail of international influence.

The company will present its newest feature, En Route, a contemporary modern dance production with works by some of its young and talented choreographers – Delton Frank, Candice Ho Wong, Anika Marcelle, Megan Navarro and La Shaun Prescott – who each has their own story to tell.

Dance selections range from portrayals of Strength of a Woman with its heartfelt and meaningful movement representing a woman’s undeniably passionate elements to BigGrin that helps the audience see life with a different kind of passion, understanding the importance of joy, humour and individual quirkiness which people often hold back in relation to one another.

En Route will be staged at The Little Carib Theatre on Friday and Saturday at 8 pm and Sunday at 6 pm.


"Elle NYTT dance company launches ‘En route’"

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