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Wednesday 22 May 2019
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Camouflaged items burnt

Camouflaged clothes, and other illegal paraphernalia were burnt at the first engineering battalion in Caura yesterday.

The approximated 25 panels of destroyed illegal items were a result of six to eight months of confiscated camouflaged items from the Customs and Excise Divison, which included bags, cloth, clothing and other forms of contraband. According to Major Al Alexander of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force, (TTDF) the act of burning the items was the common procedure. He reminded the public that any form of camouflaged items is considered illegal contraband, and will be seized.

“We would like to reiterate that camouflage is illegal in Trinidad and Tobago. The Customs Act speaks to any type or pattern of camouflage, and the Defence Act also speaks to any kind of clothing resembling that worn by the TTDF which is inclusive of, but not limited to camouflage” Alexander said.

The contraband had to be transported by a five tonne truck and was incinerated in a pit that was approximately eight feet deep.

Military officials say that there has been a rise in the amount of camouflaged items coming into the country but also says the amount fluctuates depending on the time of year.


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