According to reports, at about three o’clock in the morning, Anderson Cornwall, 21, of Smart Avenue, Lachoos Road, Penal, was celebrating a friend’s birthday at the Boardroom Nightclub located at SS Erin Road, Debe when he got a phone call and went outside the club.

Reports are that he approached a food cart to purchase an item when a group of men attempted to rob him of a thick gold chain around his neck but as he ran, gunshots were fired and Cornwall collapsed. He died at the scene. By the time officers arrived, the thick gold chain was missing from the dead man’s neck.

The District Medical Officer (DMO) subsequently ordered Cornwall’s body removed from the scene to the Forensic Science Centre, St James, where an autopsy will be done tomorrow since today is a public holiday in commemoration of Shouter Baptist Liberation Day.

At Cornwall’s home, his grieving mother Ursula Saran kept mumbling to herself as tears streamed down her face. “He was the second of my five children. He was preparing for the arrival of his first child...a child that is fatherless even before it born,” Saran cried.

She said that at three o’clock, she got a telephone call from her daughter who relayed the horrible news. “She told me that ‘chubby’ dead and after a pause, she told me ‘no’ she was not making any April Fool’s joke as April the first hasn’t reached yet,” Saran said.

“I get dotish one time and told her not to make that kind of joke. She told me she was not joking...she told me my son, her brother, was dead on the road,” she cried.

“He worked real hard and was an ambitious person.” Pointing to an unfinished room adjacent to the house, Saran said that room was being built by her son for his firstborn. “His common law wife Vivienne is four months pregnant. He never limed anywhere without her. He was no gangster, he never stole from anyone. He was a mason. He was real quiet and if he not playing football or working, he was there stick up under his wife. That’s the kind of caring husband my son was,” Saran said.

However, the one thing he liked was to wear his thick gold chain...something she repeatedly warned him against. “I was frying fish when he came by me and I saw the gold chain around his neck. I warned him about wearing it while out liming. I said, ‘don’t go out with that around your neck because people would want to take it from you’. But he didn’t listen.”

Cornwall’s uncle Lincoln Alleyne, who was standing nearby, agreed with Saran saying that he too had warned the victim about wearing the gold chain.

“I told him there are fellas who do not want to work but who would want to take the chain from him. I warned him about it. And now he has lost his life because of that chain,” Alleyne said.

Southern Division Homicide are continuing investigations with sources saying that up to press time, no arrest had been made nor was Cornwall’s gold chain recovered.

In an unrelated incident, a Point Fortin man who police said was well known to them, was gunned down on Saturday night by unknown assailants. He was identified as Alvin Goolie, 47, a father of two of Augustus Joseph Street, Gonzales, Point Fortin.

According to police reports, at about 11 pm on Saturday, officers of the Operations Division of South Western Division were alerted by the Command Centre of a shooting at Salick Trace, Gonzales. Officers from the Guapo Police Station who were on patrol responded within minutes and found Goolie’s body near a car wash on Salick Trace.

Supt Pallo, along with head of the Operations Unit, Insp Anderson Parriman and Homicide officers visited the scene. Homicide Division is continuing investigations.



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