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Monday 20 August 2018
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Teen recovering after suicide attempt

HE teenaged girl who attempted suicide, weeks after her mother committed suicide following the shooting death of her step-father, is showing signs of recovery at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Medical sources said the teenager still remains under close observation.

The teen continues to receive psychiatric assessment and counselling at the hospital. Yesterday relatives reported the girl seemed to be in high spirits and was talking with friends and family members who visited her.

The teenager tried to kill herself by drinking a poisonous substance on Sunday night. The teenager, of Penal, and her mother, Sherry Ann Seecharan, had been detained in connection with the shooting death of prison officer Robert Seecharan on July 29.

The teenager told police that she fired the shot that killed her step father saying she did it to save her mother’s life. The mother, a victim of domestic abuse, and her daughter were released without charge after five days in police custody.

The girl was found in her bedroom on Sunday frothing from the mouth and unconscious. She was rushed to the San Fernando General Hospital.

In July, Seecharans’ brother-in law Cyrus Joseph, was shot and killed in his garden in Barrackpore in full view of his two children. On July 29, Seecharan, a prison officer, was shot and killed with his licenced firearm during a domestic dispute while he and his family members were returning to their Barrackpore home following a beach outing.

Following the deaths, counsellors of the Children’s Authority worked with the young woman and members of the Seecharan and Joseph families. The teenager was said to have been responding positively to the counselling sessions.

Her grandmother Samdaye Rangoo said that each day the family struggles to cope.

Barrackpore Police officers are continuing investigations.


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