Panorama tickets increased

“The price has changed a little,” Diaz told Newsday. “We have to take care of our expenses. We don’t get a subvention from Government, outside of the support provided for Panorama. The money which we get from the State goes to all of the bands.

We have expenses for Panorama, including the prizes, appearance fees, transport costs.

There are about 177 bands involved in Panorama.

It is the largest cultural event in the Caribbean and 90 per cent of the funds are paid to the steelbands.” Diaz said while there has been much discussion this year over the state of pan, the fact is economic conditions have played a role in lower than normal attendance levels. “Many people making stories left, right and centre,” he said. “The Brian Lara fete was cancelled? Why? There is a recession in the country.

People are not able to purchase tickets as before.” In relation to the Panorama semi-finals and the Pan on the Greens, he said, “the crowd is a little less than years gone by because of what the country faces.” The Pan Trinbago president said the organisation has offices in north, east, central Trinidad and at Tobago, in addition to its headquarters. “The public must understand that we have expenses to meet,” he said. “We have to make some changes,and that is why we made some changes this year.” Tickets for the Grand Stand special reserve are $800. Grand Stand general, east, west, central tickets are $500. Grand Stand east and west are $400.

North Stand tickets cost $450, which covers “local delicacies and Angostura products”.

The largest group of attendees can win an airline of ticket on any of JetBlue Airway’s international destinations.

All attendees will have a chance to win a door prize of two return tickets to any North American destination.

Twenty bands will participate in the finals, which begins on Saturday at 7pm. Trinidad All Stars will be seeking to defend its title.

Apart from the competition, stalwarts Curtis Pierre, Bertrand Kellman, Damion Holder and Wallace Austin will be honored.

Position Name Tune Arranger
1 Pan Elders Me Eh Fighting For No Man Duvone Stewart
2 Curepe Scherzando Madness Yohan Popwell
3 NGC Steel Xplosion W anted Dead Or Alive Arddin Herbert
4 Petrotrin Katzenjammers I Don’t Mind Terrence “BJ” Marcelle
5 NGC Couva Joylanders Come With It Kareem Brown
6 NLCB Buccooneers Bass On Fire Seion Gomez
7 W est Side Symphony Dead Or Alive Mickiel Gabriel
8 Carib Dixieland S oca Baptist Leon”Smooth” Edwards
9 Courts Sound Specialists The Ganges and the Nile Ken “Professor” Philmore
10 Melodians Fete Amrit Samaroo

1 NLCB Fonclaire Bass On Fire Ken “Professor” Philmore
2 RBC Redemption Sound Setters No No We Eh Going Home Michael Sheppard
3 Phase II Pan Groove Madd Music Len “Boogsie” Sharpe
4 S kiffle Steel Orchestra How She Like It Kendall Williams/Marc Brook
5 First Citizens SuperNovas Breakthrough Amrit Samaroo
6 PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars Panoramic Liam Teague
7 bpTT Renegades Music Inside Meh Head Duvone Stewart
8 CAL Invaders Take Dat Arddin Herbert
9 Desperadoes Different Me Carlton “Zanda” Alexander
10 Massy Trinidad All Stars Leave We Alone Leon ‘Smooth’ Edwards


"Panorama tickets increased"

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