No racial slurs online

“These racial slurs are coming from adults with University degrees, the educated people and not from the young people,” Carmona said. In showering praise on the youth of the nation, the President said, “I want you all as young people to continue on that path and when you come across persons who wish to engage you in the negatives on social media say, ‘no’, don’t say something bad...say something good.” Carmona added that there was good all around as there are many Angels “without wings” in society.

Some of these Angels, he said, are also holders of degrees and continue to fight the good in the trenches but are not often celebrated.

“Young people you must stop clapping when someone engages in insults. Stop clapping when someone treats someone bad and you must stop laughing when someone is not treated as a human being,” he advised. Carmona said such changes begin with the individual. “You can make a difference and this is why I want you to appreciate that disagreement is part of life, but it must not dictate life. Rather, resolutions and solutions must.” The president announced plans to get scouts and girl guides involved in mediation practices. “It is very important that the scout movement engage and explore the benefits of mediation and alternative dispute resolution and experience the benefits of mediation so that you can become greater and better leaders in your home, school and communities in resolving issues.” A total of 97 youths were awarded at the function. Carmona who holds the title of Chief Scout presented an award to each member. Some awards included the President’s Pack Award, Chief Scout Award and President’s Scout Award. Entertainment for the evening was rendered by the 1st QRC Scout Band, singer Tishanna Stoute and others.


"No racial slurs online"

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