Massive fish kill along Mosquito Creek

On the other side of the roadway is mangrove. The waters off Mosquito Creek and the mangroves are well utilised by fishermen, crab catchers, bathers and even those engaged in water sports.

Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) president Terrance Beddoe yesterday linked the discovery of thousands of mullet, herrings and catfish to the December 2013 Petrotrin oil spill which occurred along the south west peninsula of Trinidad.

Of great concern to Beddoe is that fishermen may be harvesting shrimp and fish from the very waters and selling them to unsuspecting customers.

Beddoe, in a media statement yesterday, lamented that “to this day, fish continue to wash ashore (alive, dying or dead), particularly in the La Brea area from Otaheite to Point Fortin.” FFOS said more information is needed and that the oil spill disaster is far from over. The group is calling on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to re-open the investigation into the oil spill, that all reports or studies done be made public, and that primary stakeholders, local fisher folk and residents, be consulted throughout this process.

The group is also asking that stakeholder delegates be permitted to witness the deliberations of the appointed task force.

The FFOS is further calling on the Prime Minister, until this is done, and “the cause of the death of marine life in this area is determined and the area rehabilitated, that no fishing or shrimp trawling be allowed in this area and no seafood should be sold or consumed from this area until an immediate and independent investigation can declare the area safe.” FFOS is also calling for “fair and reasonable compensation be paid to verified vessel owners, captains and sailors until the area is safe to fish and, further, that no recreational activities whatsoever are allowed on these directly impacted beaches.” In addition FFOS also wants “an immediate and independent investigation” to determine if the water provided to the Point Fortin Desalination facility and other nearby desalination plants are safe for human consumption


"Massive fish kill along Mosquito Creek"

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