President: Patriotism not selective

It equally translates to our triumphs, as to our setbacks. No great nation was ever built on success alone.” In his Independence Day message to the nation, the President said this is something which all citizens must understand at this time “for critical reflection and introspection.” He said, “As a nation, we have hurdles to cross. The key is to recognise and confront them and galvanise the appropriate inclusive solutions. To fortify the celebration of our independence, we must display unstinting patriotism, even when the runner stumbles.” The President explained that independence must not simply be a commemoration of the struggle for independence.

“We honour that struggle by bridging the racial, political and religious divides that sometimes impede our true potential as a nation,” he stated.

Carmona explained that to be truly independent “means to unshackle ourselves from bondage,” and added, “It means, invariably, that critical, objective, impartial and informed judgment must be engaged at all times when assessing and tackling our national situations, problems and issues.” The President that real genuine independence demands that “our national dialogue and interactions have at the very core the language and acts of empathy, compassion and kindness to all manner of men, women and children, regardless of race, class, socio- economic status or religion.” He urged that “genuine inclusivity must therefore become an important feature of our daily lives.” In the spirit of patriotism, Carmona said, “we must salute our Rio 2016 athletes for their own representation and patriotism at the Games, for their grit, determination and heart.”


"President: Patriotism not selective"

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