K2K at the helm for Carnival 2017

In 2015, the band won the Medium Band of the Year title for the first time with M3 (Millennia Three): The Long Walk from Home.

This year K2K repeated that feat with Searching for Shangri- La.

The band’s steady evolution, merging art and fashion, has brought its own market with it.

K2K first appeared on the Carnival stage in 2012 with its presentation of The Waters-Seas of Consciousness.

The band is set to launch its 2017 Carnival offering tonight at Central Bank Auditorium, with doors opening at 8 pm and the show set to begin at 9 pm.

The initial $250 tickets have been sold out and only the $300 tickets are now available.

The design duo of Kathy and Karen Norman offers this year, At the Helm.

A sea-bound theme akin to Invictus the short Victorian poem by English poet, William Ernest Henley. When asked what this year’s theme is about, the twins, via email, said, “The theme is called At The Helm.

It speaks to you becoming the captain, holding on to that steering wheel and piloting your own course.

Without a doubt the journey ahead will be rough, but it is up to you, the captain, to weather the storm. After all, life is nothing more than one big unpredictable adventure, but it can only be experienced when you are prepared to leave port and set sail to the open sea.” How visually that would be depicted on the streets of TT come Carnival 2017, one could catch a glimpse at the band’s launch.

As to how the twins came up with the concept for the band, they said the themes are set years in advance and that costume design is a team effort.

For the Normans, despite the 2015 win, they maintain a sense of humility. When asked how they felt about the win, they said, “Every year we are grateful for the opportunity to take part in the Parade of the Bands. Last year we were extremely thankful and elated to place first in the Medium Band category.” The band has no expectations heading into the 2017 Carnival period. For them, win or lose, “all we can do is put our best foot forward and work toward great results.” Although asked whether the band might transition to a large band, they said, the band would remain a medium band maxing out at 600 masqueraders.

At tonight’s band launching, the twins have promised an evening of art and fashion meeting mas with a purpose.


"K2K at the helm for Carnival 2017"

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