Carmona: Democracy alive and well in Tobago

According to Carmona, Tobagonians have voted, the electorate has spoken and the process of democracy and the rule of law must be respected.

This as he admonished the members that the people of Tobago have determined that they should be the guardian and the servants of the laws for the next four years.

“Democracy however, does not begin and end with elections, and its actualisation will take different forms or invariably will be judged by your actions in and out of this hallowed assembly,” Carmona said.

He warned members that the campaigning is over and it is now time to work together for the betterment of the island and its people.

“I welcome this sense of calm, harmony and celebration which is realised by this ceremony of substance.

I am confident that all of us in this Assembly can now face the future and its challenges as one


"Carmona: Democracy alive and well in Tobago"

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