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Wednesday 22 May 2019
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A 39-year-old woman, who has reported on several occasions that she is being stalked by a man at her Tunapuna home, is calling on police to do more to protect her and her two children. Lian David says she is terrified of the 56-year-old man against whom she has a court order.

On Wednesday last, the suspect pleaded guilty to three counts of stalking and harassing David and was ordered to stay 50 feet away from her home and her children’s school.

During the court hearing, the man told the magistrate he could not explain why he could not stay away from David, but he was warned that any breach of the order would not be tolerated.

However, David said despite the warning and the order of the court, the man turned up outside her home that very afternoon but stayed about 55 feet away.

The police were called and the man was warned but not charged.

On Saturday, David left home to run some errands and when she returned, she found her pet dog had been poisoned.

She said the poisoning of her dog was the last straw. And while she is contemplating moving out, she feels she should not run away from her situation but go public so that the authorities would know of her predicament and maybe someone would be willing to assist.

David said her troubles started when she bought the Tunapuna house last year and noticed the man passing and looking at her. She said he exposed his private parts on one occasion to her 17-year-old daughter, but when the police were alerted they simply warned him and did not charge him.

She said the man would show up outside her children’s school and, on several occasions during the early hours of the morning, would appear in front of her house, blow his car horn, remain there for hours watching the house, then leave when daylight came.

She said she decided to take civil action and, in December last year, the man was warned not to venture close to her home pending the outcome of the matter, but he continued his stalking.

David thought her troubles had ended last Wednesday when the order was granted against the man, but now she is fearful he might take the stalking further.

“I cannot understand why this man is doing this to me,” David told Newsday yesterday.

“From what I have gathered, the last tenant in this house was also a victim of this man’s stalking and was forced to leave. But I will leave of my own free will. I will not allow this man to run me out.

But I am appealing to anyone in authority to assist me.” She said she spoke with neighbours who admitted knowing the man, but said they never thought he would go as far as poisoning her dog.

David said the man even entered her premises several times, yet was never arrested and charged.

Instead, she said, the police kept asking her why she did not have a man or a male relative present to assist her.

“Are they for real?” she asked.

“Why should I bring a man into my house with my daughters because of this incident? The authorities must be able to deal with this situation, because I know there may be other incidents just like this and women have nowhere to turn to.

With International Woman’s Day being celebrated on Wednesday, I hope someone takes up my plight.” Newsday contacted Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime, Irwin Hackshaw, who said he would be speaking with head of the Northern Division Senior Supt McDonald Jacob to assign an officer to investigate the complaints made by David.

According to Hackshaw, he found it strange that no police action has been taken against the suspect, but promised some form of relief for the distressed woman.