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Friday 26 April 2019
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Explore North Oropouche watercourse

THE Upper North Oropouche River situated on the far-eastern end of Valencia is one of the most spectacular watercourses in the Northern Range. Its source originates from the limestone region of Aripo, where it submerges into the mountains to resurface at the oilbird cave in Cumaca

Further downstream, approximately three kilometres from the cave, there is a confluence of the Rio Grande and the Cumaca River to form the North Oropouche

This area where the two rivers merge contain energising pools to refresh and situated on the Rio Grande, just 200 metres away, there is a sulphur spring

The river meanders south-easterly passing through uninhabited regions of the Cumaca Valley to supply water to the WASA North Oropouche Treatment Plant for the people of Sangre Grande, Arima, and surrounding districts

A distinct feature of its channel is the limestone rocks which contain deposits of calcium carbonate (CACO3). This action filters the water to create crystal- clear pools. Hindering the view of its course are interlocking spurs which jut out from the sides of each bend. Although the favourite spot for a river lime is at the Valencia Bridge, however, the hidden beauty of the river is upstream where there are fascinating pools and gorges

The expedition to the upper Bathing at Rincon Basin

regions of the North Oropouche River starts with an hour drive along the undulating Cumaca Road to a landmark house known as Bald Head Springs. The walk to the basins will take 35 minutes and is along a distinct open track that leads through the heart of the Cumaca Forest to the river. Further upstream –a ten-minute walk along the Rio Grande– one can discover the sulphur spring. There is the option to return via the same route or do a short circuit hike down the river channel to the Platanal Bridge. Life jackets will be supplied and are necessary for those wishing to explore the river

Assembly: 7 am at the corner of O’Meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway Arima. (next to FT Farfan) Rating: Fair Hiking time: 35 minutes Walking Distance: 2 kilometres to the river

Suitable for kids seven years and up Note: a slow, one-hour drive along the bumpy Cumaca Road

Life jackets provided For more info: islandhikers.com


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