Students invited to Colombia

Ambassador Cavadia met the lucky three students from Diego Martin Secondary School and their teacher at the Office of the President on May 5, 2017 when he presented his letters of credence to His Excellency Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

The three students Fericia Rolle, Kerym Suraj and Kadesia Turpin and their history teacher Michael Adamson were the only ones of the four schools invited to witness the ceremony that showed up.

The others failed to show because of transportation problems and or examination issues.

Visibly pleased with the presence of the students and hearing of President Carmona’s project to inspire and empower the youths by having them witness governance in action, Ambassador Cavadia said:” You students are very fortunate to have a President with that vision and desire for youth empowerment, because of this remarkable initiative, I have to do something.

I cannot buy the plane tickets but I am inviting you to Colombia, to my home town Cartagena where, as your president stated, is one of the most beautiful heritage city of the world.

I will see about your accommodation, meals and all local transport.” The Ambassador suggested it be an initiative of a cultural exchange.

In awe, the students and teacher accepted the Ambassador’s generous offer. The Ambassador was accompanied by his spouse Lucia Stella Mejia Robles and also Ms.

Paola Andrea Mosquera Arce the Second Secretary, Embassy of Colombia in Trinidad and Tobago.

Ambassador Cavadia was a former Secretary General of the Association of Caribbean States.


"Students invited to Colombia"

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