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Wednesday 16 January 2019
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SAYING his family had been victims of robberies in the past the husband of murdered Chinese businesswoman Yana Zeng is closing up shop, packing his bangs and preparing to leave this country to return to his homeland Guangdong in China. Pinya Pochntan’s decision came three days after Zeng was shot and killed during a robbery at their mini mart in Santa Cruz.

Pochntan, who barely speaks English, has through the aid of an interpretor indicated to his landlord Brian Beckles that he is winding up the family business located in Cantaro Village and take his two children and leave for China. The children were born in Trinidad.

The grieving man is liaising with the Chinese Embassy to have Passports prepared for himself and the children.

Pochntan said that two years ago, he and his wife were robbed at their home of cash and their passports.

The couple did not get an opportunity to renew the passports because they were open for business seven days a week. According to Beckles, Pochntan has told officials of the Embassy that once his passport is replaced, he wants to sever all ties with this country and go back to China.

In the meantime, Pochntan will sell out all the items in the mini mart and close down the business. He has also opted not to tell his children about their mother’s death and next Wednesday when the funeral and cremation takes place, the children will not be taken to either the service or cremation.

Zeng’s funeral service will take place at the Santa Cruz RC Church, while the cremation will be carried out at 11 am at the Crematorium in Long Circular Road, St James.

According to Beckles, Pochntan and his children have been staying at his home and he has been giving them all the necessary support.

He said that residents of Santa Cruz have been offering condolences and praying with the family, while members of the Santa Cruz RC church choir are planning to have a service outside the mini mart where Zeng was fatally shot sometime next week before the funeral.

Beckles said that on Thursday, he met with officials at the Chinese Embassy and they thanked him for his support to the husband and children of Zeng.

He told Newsday that people who knew Zeng continue to express sadness and disgust over her killing and are calling on police to capture her killers especially since they have been given CCTV footage showing the robbery and murder.

Zeng, 33, arrived in this country ten years ago from Guangdong and established the mini mart in Santa Cruz, where she also lived at the back.

Residents said her business served the community well and she will be sadly missed.


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