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However, is offering that and more with their new Rentals Department.

Launched in April, the website allows those who qualify to rent, or rent-to-own items including party accessories like bouncy castles, above ground pools and bubble machines; clothes including wedding dresses, designer handbags and shoes; tools; books; video games; movies; sports equipment and jewellery. And by mid-August, vehicles would also be available.

CEO of TriniTrolley, Mazuree Ali said all the items available on the website were stocked and delivered within 48 hours. However, if there was something not on the list of items, the customer could request it and, if feasible, TriniTrolley would purchase the item.

“Now you could rent, or rent-to-own things that you could not have before. The difference between this and hire purchase is that the customer does everything online and the customer chooses the time frame to pay off for the items.

So you set the terms, in terms of what you could afford and when you want to pay off for it. There’s no fixed, long-term contract or anything like that,” said Mazuree Ali, CEO of TriniTrolley.

He explained that the customer could chose between three to 36 months and, using the cite’s online calculator, work out the monthly instalment they could afford, depending on the time period, before agreeing to it. Even after the application was approved and some payments were made, the customer could adjust the remaining instalments.

Ali said applications, submission of documents, and approvals were granted online, and since the department was launched in April, thousands of people have applied.

Requirements for application include a job letter, pay slip, utility bill, and two forms of identification.

“It’s seamless. You don’t have to walk into any store or take time off. There’s no back and forth. You submit your documents, you see what you’re paying up front, there’s no long-term contract, and we deliver everything to you afterwards.” He said some of their customers might not have been able to get loans but with TriniTrolley’s Rental Department, no collateral was necessary.

However, the company partnered with credit agencies to do background checks.

“There are criteria in place so not everyone is approved. But this is to make sure that, not only the company but the customer is protected so that they do not make purchases they really can’t afford.” Ali said TriniTrolley started working on the project last year because they realised people would be going through some hard economic times and the company, along with its partner, MasterCard, wanted to help.

One of TriniTrolley and MasterCard promotions involved the grocery service.

Anyone who pays their TriniTrolley grocery bill with their MasterCard credit card or MasterCard prepaid debit card would get 12.5 per cent off their total bill, as well as free delivery. “That was an idea that MasterCard came up with and the promotion will run until the end of the year.

Again, the whole idea is about trying to assist people in these difficult times.” Ali added that some rental items require a down payment but if the form of payment agreed to was MasterCard, the deposit would be waived so that customers only pay the instalments.

Another division of which Ali was very proud, was TriniTrolley Shops For Me.

If a customer wanted to shop on an international shopping website, such as Amazon or eBay, but did not have a credit card or skybox, or did not want to risk credit card fraud, TriniTrolley would buy the product and the customer would pay for it upon delivery.

“Instead of going through your courier company and paying a bunch of different fees, we let you know the total cost up front.

The consumer sends us links for the items they want from these international websites and we quote them a final price for the items so they know all the included final costs upfront so they are able to make an informed decision.” Ali said shopping through TriniTrolley would translate to “huge savings” as the cost to ship with them was lower than any courier company in the country. To sweeten the pot, when a customer pays with their MasterCard, they get a seven per cent discount.


"Shop Easy with TriniTrolley"

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